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CNN's reporting

I'm a little miffed by CNN's weather reporting. No mention was made of the recent storm until it hit the East Coast; now, it's front-page news. A nearby county actually had its roads shut down for a while on Saturday. But this is Indiana; storms must not be news until they hit New York.

It appears I'm not alone in my dissatisfaction. Ben Hammersley and Dan Hon (among others) have a few problems with their spotty, possibly biased Iraq coverage. I'm no peacenik (I'm undecided on the war so far; more on that later, maybe), but it's difficult to make good choices with bad facts.

Ironically, the most useful source of news for me right now is the BBC. They have fairly useful syndication, and they did better than CNN at reporting both the Midwest storm impact and the UN resolutions. It's too bad when an American has to go to London to get decent news.

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