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Mon, 09 Jun 2003

Critical Mass drops comments

Critical Mass is a blog about academic freedom and freedom of expression on college campuses. One of the best things about the blog was the comments section, which often served to host spirited debates about the ethics of free expression, the limits of government and college board intervention, and the place of free expression in education.

Today, however, Erin (the blog owner) decided to shut off comments for her stories. Comments already posted were preserved, but no new comments can be posted.

I understand the motivation for her to do this; there were a few people trolling the comments, which turned some threads into shouting matches. But it's still unfortunate.

It does bring up the question: are comments doomed on popular blogs? Most of the "A-list" blogs don't allow comments already, and it seems that it only takes a slight uptick in popularity for a blog to attract trolls and other undesireables. It would be nice if something like Slashdot's karma system or Kuro5hin's ratings could be made to work across blogs; this might give blogs like Critical Mass the ability to open up again.

UPDATE: Linked to wrong story, fixed. Sorry to all of you following the TrackBack from the Citrus College story.

Jun 09, 2003 | Comments are no longer available