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Wed, 21 May 2003


The panic summary: no one was seriously hurt, my van is driveable but damaged, it was the other guy's fault.

I (Jeff) was driving home from work on I-69, approaching exit 5. Traffic was backed up and stop-and-go in the right lane for people taking that exit. I stopped with the flow and happened to glance in the rear view mirror to see a red Oldsmobile bearing down on me. It was fortunate that I saw him coming, as I was able to turn the wheel and hit the accelerator, which blunted the force of the blow and caused me to miss the car in front of me.

Right now, I'm kind of shaken up, but uninjured, at least as far as I can tell. The other guy, a 40-ish guy with a Department of Defense ID clipped to his shirt and a COBOL programming book in his seat, didn't seem to be hurt either. His car had to be towed, as the radiator didn't survive the impact.

More later, on my personal log. I think I'm going to rest now.

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