WordPress Update

WordPress has updated to 1.5 recently. This may mean a little instability for the site in the next few days as I upgrade.

When the update is done, though, it should make life a lot easier for me, especially regarding the storms of comment spam we’ve been getting lately.

UPDATE: Well, I guess I wasn’t kidding about the instability part. Our building lost power for about an hour, and after that the server refused to turn on. After swapping out the drive into a spare box I happened to have laying around, we’re back up, but I’ll probably have to put the old server back once I figure out how to refurbish it. So, expect more instability in the future (though hopefully not as bad as today).

3 thoughts on “WordPress Update

  1. Not hard. You need a web server that can do PHP, and a MySQL database server. (They can be on the same host.) Once you have that, you can just download WordPress, unpack it where you want it, edit a configuration file, and hit a URL on the server that finishes the installation.

    PHP and MySQL are available for Windows, too, which allows you to use WordPress on Microsoft IIS if you want. (Or Apache for Windows, if you prefer.)

    Here is the WordPress 5-minute install.

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