The Deception of George Jones

As I mentioned, my post on the Toyota problem had attracted the attention of a dissident, who was quite strident in his support of Toyota. I had hoped that he would bring some real evidence to the table, but alas, what little evidence he had was delivered among profanity and insults. I’ve had to remove a few of his posts to keep the tone civil, but have otherwise let him be.

But yesterday, the dissident (one George Jones, apparently from Canada) took a step too far, and impersonated the author of a critical petition, claiming her work was all a fake.

The comments are still there; I have no intention of removing the evidence of this person’s vileness. But I did contact the target of the fraud, Charlene Blake, who was happy to pass on information regarding the petition and the extraordinary harassment campaign she’s endured.

Jeff, I went briefly to check this George Jones….can’t post now….BUT……he is LYING! I have NEVER added one name to the petition, nor have I signed the petition more than ONCE….the first one! You have someone committing libel on your site!

Also, some more interesting information: the petition signatures Jones asserts were fake turned out to be, in fact, fake. But not in the way you might expect:

My petition has had many (see all the “deleted” lines) attacks from the SAME individuals who job it is to STOP me. They have not succeeded, however.

Get that? They tried to fill the petition with bogus signatures, and then cite the very deletions as evidence that the petition is bogus. Here’s an example of one such deleted “signature” she forwarded to me:


This appears to be one battle in a long war against Ms. Blake, in several car forums.

Now, I have nothing against Toyota. As I mentioned before, as long as you know what you’re getting into, Toyota vehicles can be a great choice. No one’s perfect, and Toyota certainly has done better in this regard than some. (I note, with glee, that Ms. Blake cut her teeth on Chrysler before taking on Toyota; if only she could have helped me with my trouble-mobile!) I don’t necessarily endorse everything Charlene Blake has ever done, or claim that Toyota is never the victim of deception perpetrated by dishonest customers.

But harassment as a response? That’s dirty pool. And when my own blog is used as a conduit of some of that harassment, I get downright angry. Maybe Ms. Blake is the one at fault on all those other car boards and petitions, but I know what happened here, and I know who I’m inclined to believe based on both personal experience and past performance.

And what’s worse, these people are meddling in affairs that are none of their business to try and prevent others from getting restitution from harm done to them. If these owners are trying to defraud Toyota, do we really think poor, hapless Toyota is doomed without net.trolls to come to their rescue? Certainly not! And what if the net.trolls are wrong, and they are helping a company defraud innocent private citizens who lost good money over lemons? It would almost be better to learn that the trolls are paid company shills–motivated by mere greed–than to consider that these people did it for the sheer depraved, sadistic pleasure of hurting people.

For this post only, I’m modifying the comment policy. Anyone–anyone at all–posting here with even the slightest hint of slander against me, Ms. Blake, or anyone else will find their comment text deleted and their identity exposed to the best of my ability. Don’t like it? Post on your own blog, with whatever comment policy you can stomach. This is what happens when people use my site to perpetrate vileness. And further comments will be disabled on the original post.

UPDATE (2005-10-10): Well, that was fun. I suppose I’ve underestimated the tenacity of the “Charlene-Blake-Is-The-Devil” cult. Playtime’s over, kids; time to stalk Ms. Blake somewhere else.

Reorganization and Performance

Just talked with Ian. It never really has made a lot of sense for me to have separate categories for Debian and Progeny Platform stuff, so the Progeny Platform category is going away, with all its posts moving to Debian. I think only the Progeny aggregator uses it (and it’s changing very soon), so this probably doesn’t matter much, but I do intend to eliminate the category soon.

Also, it’s become clear to me that I need to optimize Apache, as it’s had a tendency to overwhelm my little server. If you’ve noticed the spotty uptime, that’s why. Hopefully, that will get fixed soon as well.

LSB Dynamic Linker Available

It’s now available, and mostly works. There are two source packages and four binary packages available here and here.

One source package builds the dynamic linker itself, as well as the fixed libc. The other fixes a bug in PAM; the pam_unix module returns success instead of the proper error under some circumstances. See Debian bug 323982 for the details. If necessary, the package could be itself patched, but as I’m focused on Debian stable’s LSB compatibility, I’m assuming that there will be resistance to the idea of patching stable in this way.

With these packages installed on top, nearly all of Debian’s LSB problems are resolved. Some exceptions may be found in this post.

Intruder Alert

Well, I dropped off the net for a short while. What happened? I got hacked, that’s what.

So, this is a brand-new installation of WordPress on a brand-new installation of Debian 3.1. The old hard drive is still around for forensics and careful restoration work. So far, I see no sign that the hacker got any farther than my hosted box, which is good.

Not everything is back yet. I hosted a friend’s site, which is still down; hopefully, I’ll get that working quick. Things may be a little strange. If you notice anything, leave me a comment.

Long Time No Blog

It’s been a busy month. The conference in Finland was great, although the connectivity was less so. Since then, we’ve done a family camping vacation, and I had a little scare regarding the security of my systems. (False alarm, as far as I can tell, and I did check very thoroughly.)

Some random updates:

Some commenters were concerned about my Samsung Yepp’s compatibility with Ogg Vorbis. Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to compare my player’s Ogg compatibility with an iRiver a co-worker owned; he had been disappointed in his player and had several songs that did not play on his player. All of them played fine on mine on the Yepp. That should hopefully alleviate some of those concerns.

Someone named George Jones has been trading invective with me regarding the online petition over the Toyota oil sludge problem. I’ve been asking him a few pointed questions he refuses to answer; we’ll see if he ever gets around to that. In the meantime, I’ve joined OdyClub, an online community for the Honda Odyssey, and have learned a lot of good things, including the surprising amount of respect the Toyota minivan gets from Odyssey fans. I’m still happy with the decision we made, however.

Progress has continued on the LSB dynamic linker. I hope to be able to release some real results soon.