Off To Finland

Tomorrow I take off for Helsinki, Finland, to attend DebConf 5, a conference for Debian developers. I should be very well-connected, but on a slightly different schedule due to the time difference, and definitely will be very busy if past DebConf conferences are any indication.

If I have time, I’ll post a little on what’s going on.

The Quest Is Over

(2006-01-31: Picture of slate 2005 Honda Odyssey EX removed.)

Ours is even the same color as the picture. My beautiful wife deserves the credit for that good choice.

For the record, I never went back to the Toyota dealer. I was informed of a special deal on Mazda and Honda vans, and made my move after test-driving the Mazda, so I never got a chance to go back.

Sometimes, missed opportunities today are the price for past mistakes. On the other hand, as I mentioned, someone close to me is a big Toyota fan, so I will mention for his sake that Toyota does have an excellent reputation otherwise, and that you should do your own homework and make your own decisions.

From our perspective, we’ve made our decision, and are quite pleased so far. More later; it’s time for a drive!