Keeping Busy and Lamenting Progress

It’s been a long month, with lots going on.

Further, I think I have too high a threshold for posting, for whatever reason. This makes it difficult to maintain a high level of posts; if every post has to be carefully crafted, then the number of posts goes down.

So, with that, I’ll just pass on a link to a post on the downside of growth in Hamilton County, Indiana (which is where I live).

The article does a good job of portraying the drawbacks of living in a fast-growing area, and brings up a practice I despise: the overuse of eminent domain and the practice of condemning perfectly good property as a legal tactic. On the other hand, the article clearly sees growth as a bad thing (what with snide jabs at “urban sprawl” that portray it and its “proponents” as monsters selling the environment for development money), and seems unwilling to consider that, even given the unsettling tactics used by the city of Noblesville, the road might still be a good idea. Little to no consideration is given to the side of the city, apart from selective quotes and “straw man” caricatures.