The National Marfan Foundation

As most of our family and friends know, I Tami have Marfan Syndrome. I am over 6 foot tall and have the longer features in my hands and feet like most other Marfan’s do. One is born with this condition and can have mild or very severe symptoms. Most all have one if not more heart problems. The most popular amongst us is an enlarged aorta. This causes us to need to stay out of most physical sports. The sad thing is that being very tall and very agile are great features to have sports, but very fatal for the athelete that has Marfan. Many of these atheletes do not know they have Marfan Syndrome until they drop dead on the court. A simple e.k.g. done on the heart would let them know. Please look over the link below to the National Marfan Foundation and see if you or a loved one might have this syndrome.
The National Marfan Foundation


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