Site: Spam Karma, Bilingual Blogging

[eo] Mi nun uzas "plugin" de WordPress por uzi du lingvojn en mia sitejo. Ĉu mi poŝtos esperante pli ofte? Ni vidos!

If you haven’t seen the new comment policy, check it out. Mainly, the changes have to do with switching from the timed auto-moderate plugins I was using to Spam Karma.

Speaking of which, Spam Karma seems to be doing a good job. Occasionally, a spam slips through the cracks, but generally it’s done an excellent job. Even better, it requires a lot less attention to the moderation queue. So, it’s the answer for the foreseeable future.

I’ve also grabbed another plugin to help with my Esperanto blogging: Bunny’s Basic Bilingual Plugin. After I play with it a little more, people should be able to switch between English and Esperanto versions of posts via a small link. The idea is that most posts will be written in one language or the other; the plugin provides a way to mark the post’s primary language, plus provide an excerpt in the other language. Hopefully, I’ll be disciplined enough to do this with every post from now on, which should help my Esperanto fluency tremendously.

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