Intruder Alert

Well, I dropped off the net for a short while. What happened? I got hacked, that’s what.

So, this is a brand-new installation of WordPress on a brand-new installation of Debian 3.1. The old hard drive is still around for forensics and careful restoration work. So far, I see no sign that the hacker got any farther than my hosted box, which is good.

Not everything is back yet. I hosted a friend’s site, which is still down; hopefully, I’ll get that working quick. Things may be a little strange. If you notice anything, leave me a comment.

4 thoughts on “Intruder Alert

  1. The wordpress approach to security is currently quite at odds with debian’s policy, namely, they have non-disclosure security fixes bundled up with other changes etc. It appears a fair few debian people are using WP, so if enough worked together, maybe we could convince them of the benefits of our approach to security. If you’re interested, drop me a mail.

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