Joey Hess is happy to see us using debian-installer for the DCC Core, and speculates about whether Progeny will be moving away from Anaconda.

First of all, I certainly hope we can make useful contributions to d-i. As a first effort, the long-stalled debian-installer module for picax (started at DebConf 4) is now in good shape, and was what we used to build DCC 3.0 PR1. And I can honestly say that d-i has, so far, exceeded our expectations.

On the other hand, there’s no reason why we can’t have more than one installer for Debian. FAI has been around for a long time, after all. Some people like Anaconda’s UI better than d-i’s, and probably will continue to even after d-i goes graphical. As long as people want it, there’s no reason why Anaconda for Debian should die off.