You’ve probably been avoiding it. Heck, I probably would. But the comments on the George Jones deception post really have gotten me into a bother.

I suppose I need to stop arguing with trolls. They’re beyond convincing, or are just being cynical. And I suppose I need to have more faith that most people will see the trolls for what they are: stalkers.

Having made their point several times over, why else would they continue to play their games? Is it really so bad that someone say something nice about Charlene Blake, that they have to insult people’s intelligence and otherwise make snide remarks for the crime?

(Oh, and I love the loud disclaimers about how the discussion is such a waste of their time. If only they had acted like they believed it, and just left!)

But what did it for me was this post by “callsemhowiseesem”:

…if you expect respect, show the same in return.

Of course, I have not hesitated to show the same respect I have been shown. Better, even, since I have backed up my “respect” with evidence. If you throw mud, don’t cry over getting dirty.

(Sensitive I may be, but stupid I am not. That’s why comments are disabled now on all Toyota and Charlene Blake-related posts, including this one.)