Clocks Change, World Does Not End

Today, Indiana joined the rest of the country and “sprang forward” to Daylight Saving Time.

The technology world may be experiencing a few glitches. Anything that’s aware of both location and time may have the wrong time as of today, including many computers. The easiest fix is to change the timezone to New York time, or to Eastern time instead of “East-Indiana” or some such variant.

Surprisingly, Sprint phones don’t seem to be aware of the time change. The update seems to be both late and iffy; my phone still reports the wrong time, while my mother-in-law’s phone has already fixed itself.

Debian 3.1 appears to still have the old timezone information, while testing (“etch”) seems to be correct. I wonder if this isn’t something we should update in stable.

2 thoughts on “Clocks Change, World Does Not End

  1. Debian has the updated timezone information for at least Australia in stable-proposed-updates. Obviously it was too late for getting it into a stable release, but there are packages available with the updates in it.

  2. I’m a fellow Indiana resident, I was in Lafayette over the weekened and then came back to Indianapolis. In Lafayette, my phone was wrong, in Indy my phone is right. My friend’s phone in Lafayette is still wrong. It seems that some towers are configured correctly, and some are not. It’s not like the phone companies didn’t have months of warning to get things ready……

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