Future Standardization Directions

Now that LSB 3.1 is out, there’s been some discussion of future directions for the LSB to take. Not surprisingly, desktop componentry beyond the graphical toolkits (GTK+, Qt) has been of interest.

If you’re interested in this, the results of Sun’s evaluation of the GNOME interfaces for inclusion in Solaris provide a lot of good information about what parts of GNOME are stable enough for inclusion.

Some candidates for standardization were left out due to uncertainty over their status as standards:

We would also like to add the icon integration specification as “Stable”, but the fact that the FreeDesktop Standards website makes a weak stability claim by saying, “freedesktop.org is not a standards body” makes us a bit unsure which specifications should be considerd Stable. It would be good, I think, if the FreeDesktop community could make a stronger claim about the specific specifications that are needed for desktop integration, such as those recommended for use in the GNOME System Admin Guide, and they should probably be referenced on the GNOME Developer Standards page as well.

Well, if the freedesktop folks are nervous about being a standards body, perhaps they could work with a standards body to codify the things they consider standards. I know of at least one candidate for that position…