LSB 3.2 Beta

Today, we released the first beta of LSB 3.2. If all goes well, this will hopefully be the only beta.

We’ve been working on 3.2 for a while, and we’re really excited about it. We’ve added quite a few interfaces, based on feedback from application vendors and others. There are whole new sections: printing support, Perl and Python, FreeType, Qt 4, and trial use support (our new name for “optional”) for Xrender, Xft, and the ALSA API.

Betas can only be as good as the people participating; more feedback means a better standard. So please go check out the beta. Look at the whole thing, or just parts you’re interested in. Read the spec, or check out the tests, or try building your favorite open-source app with our SDK.

We’re hoping for a release before Christmas, but that depends on the feedback we get, of course. And we’d rather know about that really big issue we forgot about and delay the beta than find out after the release. So get cracking!