Site News: Languages, Look-n-Feel

[eo] Mi provas kvietigi la anglalingvulojn, kaj diskutas la aspekton de la sitejo. Oni trovas aliajn aspektojn ("themes") por WordPress en la sitejoj de Blogging Pro kaj la konkurso de Alex King. Bonvole proponu vian opinion en la komentoj.

English readers should not panic; the site has not been hijacked. I’ve just set the site up to better handle my Esperanto posts and readers, including integrating the bilingual plugin into the post page and translating the comment policy. Watch for the “other language summary” on the post page.

I’ve been evaluating themes for the look of the site as well. The WordPress 1.5 release and Alex King’s theme competition have spawned a multitude of themes; two good places for looking at them are the competition theme browser and Blogging Pro’s gallery.

If there’s one trend I don’t like, it’s the fixed-width fad. Most of these themes force the width of the content section to be so many pixels, which on a large monitor (like mine) means really wide margins with a tiny strip of content in the middle. Some of the themes combine this with fixed-size fonts, so the posts don’t end up one-word-per-line; again, on my monitor, these end up unreadable unless I increase the font size, which inevitably destroys the page’s layout. (Here’s a good example.)

Nevertheless, there are some very good themes in the list, one of which may replace Steam on this site. (Steam, by the way, is in the theme competition.) Suggestions are welcome in the comments.

UPDATE: Now the language summaries are on the main page as well.

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